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Car Review: Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Meet The Luxurious & Newest 2016 Mercedes S63 AMG, Test Driven & Serviced At AJ Performance!!

The Mercedes S63 AMG with all its class, sophistication and craftsmanship, shows an exemplary form of art and automotive genius to come out of Mercedes this calendar year. Its searing performance and dynamic ability enhanced by the AMG additions, makes for a perfect and luxurious car to drive.

The S63 packs a 5.5ltr Bi-turbo V8 Engine, unleashing a ripping 577 horsepower and does 0-60 in a rapid 3.9 seconds; which is all made possible by the AMG SpeedShift MCT (multi-clutch technology). Compared to the  all new Mercedes S65 AMG, it performs just as well, delivering pulsating and powerful performance from the growling exhaust and effortless gear response.

“The manner in which this powerful V8 delivers its power on the road, is like being in an aircraft just before taking off. The insulation of the cabin keeps the passengers content but when you look down at the speedometer it honestly takes off! The retractable rear seats and colour theme option that can change the whole cabin illumination colour are also among my more preferred features of this car.”said Alex Johnson ,MD, AJ Performance

In addition, the car is fitted with new features such as the multi-beam and LED tail-lights; illuminating quicker when braking giving the driver behind more time to react. It showcases the huge front air intakes and their mammoth 20 inch light alloy wheels. The AMG Performance 4-MATIC all-wheel drive is also built-in, with the majority of performance and power distributed to the rear; enhancing better handling in the vehicle when accelerating around corners.

When asked which car had better performance, between the Mercedes S63 and the Jaguar XJR, Johnson added:”Both are designed to be fast sophisticated luxury sedans; having driven both the cars I can comfortably say the Merc has the edge, not only from the stand point of brand and AMG heritage-but the features are way superior, and the drive is far more compliant and relaxed when reaching higher speeds than the Jaguar. Mercedes have introduced so much tech and innovation to the automotive world over recent years. So in that light, I stand by Mercedes S class for there continuous expenditure on R&D and innovation to bring the best and first of everything to the consumers.”

Interior, Safety Features & Comfort:

Unsurprisingly, the car interior and design of the S63 blends a luxurious and centurion look inside the vehicle with the addition of soft leather to the steering, side doors and passenger seats. Furthermore, there’s an amazing panel heating feature, where you can heat up all sides of the car simultaneously.

In terms of comfort, it’s extremely spacious and comfortable with a dual cup holder and arm rest at the back, along with four air conditioning vents, and a complimentary fragrant in the car creating a fresh aroma smell. Also, what’s remarkable is the ambient light colouring feature given to passengers at the back, allowing them to select the colour of the lights around the seating, and can also adjust the seat in front of them with a click of button; showing the deluxe comfort and practicality of the car.

The car’s safety features has been the main standout, with Mercedes installing the 360 camera parking which can take four different angles of the vehicle. The extravagant 12inch display screens in the driver’s seat shows the vehicle components such as revs, gears and oil temperature. As well, the Intelligent Drive (Pre-Safe) System allows for safer drive, which includes dynamic curve assist, crosswind assist, and adaptive break with hill start assist, making the car better at recognising road safety hazards.


What’s good about the S63 is its comfortable suspension, deluxe design, massive engine, and its mammoth torque. The addition of the AMG exhaust provides superb sound, with hardly a whisper in the cabin with a push of a button. However, the heavy price tag of the car can be off-putting, and a fun feature lacking in the S63 is the launch control which is offered by competitors such as Audi and BMW. But overall, if you’re willing to pay that extra bit more for a daily all round luxurious and performance experience, the Mercedes S63 AMG is the car to buy.

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