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Bentley Continental GTC V8

AJ Performance Add Firepower Installing New Titanium QuickSilver Exhaust Systems In The Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

AJ Performance India experienced endless thrill, test driving the Bentley Continental GTC around the Indian roads and circuit. The addition of the ground-breaking and supreme QuickSilver Exhaust Systems was installed in the grand tourer to increase performance and durability of the car. Already with the Continental’s fast, refined and innovative features, it was fueled for a pace driven ride.

Managing Director, Alex Johnson, was the first to unleash its mind boggling potential and gave his thoughts on the car and the addition of the QuickSilver Exhaust to the engine.

“It’s a precise car – but set up to ensure her occupants reach there destination in peace and comfort. But if need be, give her the beans and she’s no slouch! Exteriors have such lovely shoulder lines that really give the GTC stance and presence on the road. The interiors are also a class apart, definitely suited to rival those of Rolls Royce.”

“No doubt, the GT Convertible is sublimely comfortable, has luxurious interiors and such clever branding makes you feel like a royal. However, it’s not the best track car, front heavy and all be it a fast but happier car on long open roads, not being pushed to her limits. The GT Speed would be more up your alley for track use.”

Johnson added: “QuickSilver understand that Bentley’s are the gentlemen’s choice car, the exhaust is designed specially to output a 20% volume increase-so in other word not a mind numbing burst of noise, but some prefer a little more noise and amp to their vehicle to get that breath-taking sound which we’ve done here with the QuickSilver Exhaust.”

QuickSilver Exhaust Unleashes Full Performance Of The GT!


Like many car enthusiasts know already, the Bentley Continental GTC is one of the leading competitors for luxury cars in the automotive world, with its eye-catching looks, exhilarating performance and dynamic technical features. Its muscular curvy body, along with the intense power-train and refined interior provides an ultimate driving experience, showcasing both levels of performance from a sports car setting to an accommodating four passenger drive.


It possesses a 4.0-litre twin turbocharged V8 engine that is capable of cranking out lots of power and torque. It accelerates from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and delivers a roaring horsepower at 6000rpm. In addition, the engine is fused with an 8-speed transmission system along with all-wheel drive. As a result, it delivers phenomenal grip, control and reliable traction, and furthermore the engine creates lesser emissions making the car more fuel efficient.

Interior, Exterior & Comfort

The GT Convertible is designed for extreme comfort for driver and passenger, featuring silky soft leather surfaces on the seats. In the cabin, it gives you that inviting feel and the specially cushioned seats fitted make for a comfortable ride during longer journeys; which is the main hallmark for Bentley grand tourers all round the world.

There’s also a seat ventilation system which sprays cool air in the back rest, paired with a massage setting and an optional neck-warmer feature just below the head-rest, providing a stream of warm air to take the chill off your drive.

Moving onto the exterior and design of the vehicle, there’s no surprise about the unique craftsmanship created by Bentley. The finesse bodyline and muscular curves moving up from the rear wheels gives a wide and strong stance. Also, the trademark grille features solid metal along with distinctive large headlamps and its refined rear & lower roof, makes the Bentley Continental GT Convertible a truly breathtaking sight to gaze upon.

Multimedia/Technical Features

At the heart of the infotainment system is a 30GB hard drive, which offers up to 15GB of storage space for music, including massive amount of mapping data. You can also play music via an iPod, MP3 player, and the car’s optional six-disc CD changer. Bentley’s state of the art Naim sound system is also installed, which has ten custom built speakers, giving the passengers and driver the ultimate sound experience and entertainment in the Bentley Continental GTC.


The Bentley Continental GT Convertible is a stylish, luxury performance car that can carry four people at high speeds. In my opinion, the V8 engine is fun to drive and also has a nicer sounding engine compared to the W12 model. Its interior is beautiful to look at, and feels comfortable for driver and passenger. On the downside, there is limited space at the back with the relatively cramped rear seats which can be uncomfortable for taller passengers, it’s an expensive car to run and maintain, and the weight of the GT is another penalty, in comparison to the lighter grand tourers like the Aston Rapide and BMW 6 Series.

“The Continental is classy, luxurious and powerful. In today’s day and age you want to arrive at your destination with a sense of peace and happiness ready to take on your day of work. Very few cars do it so well like the Bentley GTC. If you want a track a Porsche 911 GT3 Manual.”

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