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2015 Ferrari California T

AJ Performance Bless The California T Around Pune Roads!

A new era for turbo Ferrari has been introduced with the elegant and sporty 2015 Ferrari California T, succeeding the old California model; featuring new interior, retractable hard-top, sheet metal, and an advanced new turbocharged powertrain.

The T boasts cutting edge technology with a 560 hp 3.9-ltr twin-turbo V-8, unleashing zero to 60mph in just 3.6 seconds. This makes the California T quick and agile whilst also extremely versatile with the 2+2 hard-top convertible, making the car better looking, luxurious and cruiser friendly.

Inside the car consists of the new sat nav and media system which includes the new Apple Car Play app. The seats and dash are a brand new design consisting of Ferrari’s trademark fragrant leather. Its light high-geared steering makes it more comfortable and easier to drive, and the overall layout of the engine is well compact.

However, compared to the Ferrari 488 the performance is slower in terms of horsepower, but it packs a punch against cars like the Aston Martin DB9 and Bentley Continental. Furthermore, with the roof-down boot and rear seat backs; it shows the California T is more of a working man’s car and more practical than a regular supercar.

Other penalties of the car, could possibly be the stiffer suspension which could somewhat make it uncomfortable to drive, especially in crowded roads driving at low speeds. So, Ferrari installed the bumpy road setting on the steering wheel of the California, to compromise for traffic congestion and hazardous weather conditions.

AJ Performance director, Alex Johnson, got the pleasure to test drive the California T on the Pune roads and was happy to answer some questions about the new Ferrari turbo model. Here’s what he had to say.

As a road user yourself, what was it like driving the California T?

“It was unlike anything else that you commonly drive, it’s a supercar, a thorough bred, a Ferrari, what more can I say. A very fun car with many new and exciting features added. You can cross speed breakers quite comfortably and it’s very compatible. The new carbon ceramic brakes are compact and provide instant stopping control, making it suitable for regular road users like us to drive and enjoy the Ferrari experience.”

 What are your thoughts on their new upgraded V8 engine?

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the turbo engines, however, saying that I think the California Turbo is certainly quick. The only difference between the newer engines and from the previous California, are the characteristics, the exhaust note and the general feel of the car. The driving experience is a lot sharper than what it was from the previous Ferrari model, it’s far more compliant in terms of accessibility, space, comfort, fantastic suspension set up. As for looks, it looks fresher, and overall it’s got a lot of more fun technology packed features compared to the old model”

Continuing with the features of the car, for example the rear and passenger space at the back, do you feel it will be an added attraction for customers to buy this car?

“Yes certainly, the California T is definitely a car that hits a demographic of people who want a more practical supercar. The car isn’t particularly or what I call a four-seater, the space for passengers is limited at the back. In terms of its practicality, it’s a convertible; a lot of people around the world prefer that convertible feel, whereas a lot of them prefer the supercar feel with the hard top and are very drive focused.”

“The California T is probably one of the best grand tourism in the market today, and certainly with its competitors they can’t stack up to the amazing features the car offers, with the soft suspension settings you can press on the steering, launch control and comfort sport which you can switch on in the car easily; however, in all honesty the design and features are fairly similar to other Ferrari’s, but it won’t change the buyer’s mind too much about the car.”


Ferrari’s softest car, the gentle roadster, packs an all new twin-turbo V8 which suits the car’s easy-driving character, as well as letting you go longer before stopping for fuel. This is still a Ferrari engine, pure and raspy in its sound and venomous in its response. The only flaw for the California is the habitual high-ratio steering which feels a bit edgy on what’s meant to be a car you can relax into. As well, the California T isn’t as involving as the other Ferrari’s, but it’s not meant to be!!!  If you want a high performance car and can use day-to-day, this is the car to buy!

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