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Aston Martin Rapide S-Britain’s Creation Of Beauty,Power and Class!

AJ Performance reviews the new and rejuvenated Aston Martin Rapide S, with its new looks, interior and revamped V12 engine.

Here it is, the elegant, fast and agile Aston Martin Rapide S, combining sensational car performance, unique design and serene refinement. Known as a grand tourer/sports saloon, the Rapide S is the most powerful four door car produced at Aston Martin, designed inch by inch to satisfy any sports car enthusiast.

Its two split personalities take you from a smooth and comfortable drive, to a growling and ferocious one with the click of button, showing its unrelenting thrust and awesome power as it shoots off. Although the car isn’t as fast as the many super cars out there, you’re never going to find a four-seater car which sounds as good as the Aston Rapide S.

“Like a British fantasy tale, this is a car girded for the adventure of arriving and the thrill of leaving. It means feeling a shudder when you hear it approaching, gaping as the doors swing up, and getting goose bumps as the engine growls to life.” (CAR AND DRIVER)

Under the hood

This is all made possible thanks to the 6.0 litre AM29 V12 engine. The most advanced and powerful Rapide engine Aston Martin has built to date, since the DB9 and Vanquish. It reaches a top speed of 203 mph, a 0-60 mph track time of just 4.2 secs and peak power hits 552 bhp, which is an astounding 18% climb from the first generation Rapide.

Also along with the AM29 comes the Touchtronic III transmission, controlling engine performance of the vehicle. Furthermore, the new addition of the torque tube is fitted to transfer power from the engine to the gearbox, reducing the noise and vibration felt by passengers at the back. This also enables good traction to the vehicle, making it easier to drive quickly and cleanly compared to its saloon competitors.

Interior, Exterior & Technical Features

The new AMi III infotainment system is the control centre for Rapide S, integrating audio, hands-free telephony and vehicle status technologies. It’s both Android and iOS compatible and even reads incoming text messages, giving you the very most from the Rapide S experience.

Another technical highlight of the Rapide S is the new Adaptive Damping System (ADS), which is an electronic control unit that allows the driver to pick three different modes; featuring a dynamic Track, Standard and Sport setting, each delivering a unique driving experience. This is activated with a touch of a button, as the Rapide evolves from a smooth luxurious GT to an aggressive and fast sports car.

“The chassis plays an able supporting role. The dampers ‘Track’ setting proved pretty much perfect for the smooth Swiss and French tarmac we drove the car over, lashing the body down without corrupting the ride too much. As before, the Rapide S changes direction remarkably well for something so big, staying flat and nosing its way towards apexes with an enthusiasm that belies its two-ton kerbweight”. (

Aston have also added their trademark aluminium grill which was installed by hand in the front bumper of the car, and it’s unique jewel-like body sculpted on the sides and sexy curves on the rear, adds that finesse look to the Rapide’s exterior. The stitched leather interior is very slick and sumptuous to the eye, with the leather bucket seats and roof lining creating the feel of a sports car.

Downside to the Rapide is the limited space for passengers at the back, especially for adults. Rivals like the Maserati Quattroporte and Porsche Panamera might no handle as well, but they’re more spacious. Secondly, there’s not much storage room in the centre console when keeping items, along with the high fuel consumption of the vehicle sucking up 12.9l/100km.

Despite a fairly average boot size, for children they can certainly make the best of the Rapide’s multimedia during long journeys with the TV display screens, being able to upload games on the software, can also take advantage of the DVD/CD player at the rear passengers seat, which shows it’s a sports car more suitable for families on the road.


It’s eccentric charm, style and performance makes for an enjoyable riding experience in the Aston Martin Rapide S. The incredible V12 engine adds that awe and power to the car, alongside the slick interior and curvy design which shows how elegant and seductive the ‘S’ is on the road. However, estimated at 4 crores (ex-showroom) it’s not very practical and affordable for road users. Four wheel drive system is not available in the Rapide, and the overall space, presumably for adult passengers at the back is limited.

Personally, for sports enthusiasts this car is suited for a perfect weekend get away, ticking all the boxes for performance, sound and comfort!

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