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Car Review: Mercedes S500 Lorinser Edition- German Engineering Personified!

Lorinser India Take The Mercedes S500 For A Spin With Their Newly Installed Body Kit.


Lorinser India unleashed the full potential of the 2014 Mercedes S500, modifying the whole body and exhaust of the S-Class. Witness the swift performance, smooth drive and beauty of this luxury saloon, including lush interior and advanced multimedia technology.

The S-500 showcases a unique German breed of engineering with its many innovative features. Not only is it remarkable for safety but it’s also designed for supreme luxury; every aspect of the interior can be customised, personalised and adjusted to suit your every mood. Whilst driving, there’s hardly a whisper of sound from the twin-turbo V8 engine, although not as fast as the Mercedes S63 AMG, it does enough to make a lasting impression doing 0-60 in 4.8s and creates that overall robust and serene experience for driver and passenger.

Kaizaad Parekh, Operations Director at AJ Performance commented:“The Lorinser S500 is a very unique car, especially in India. Not many customers own this particular kit. The kit changes the entire look of the car and front bumper is designed beautifully to incorporate the intake vents, and the Grille only adds to this menacing look.”

“Lorinser is a very unique brand. Their work with respect to design is eye-catching and the performance modules they offer are tested and reviewed by the top technicians of the industry. Lorinser is the type of body kit that one likes it or one hates it. There’s no in-between. The interior of the car is top notch, and there is nothing I would change about it.”

Interior, Exterior & Technology

There are two massive 12.3 inch screens in front of you in the cabin and there’s tons of space for passengers to put their feet up with the leg rest. A massage setting is also added in the cabin, including 14 different air cushions and you can choose from five different fragrances in the air system during your drive. In addition, there is WiFi system and pull out table at the back, which is suitable for work and using your laptop during business trips.

The main technical highlight of this saloon is the ‘magic body control’ system and what it does is scan the road ahead with a camera mounted just below the rear view mirror, enabling you to see bumps and potholes 15m ahead of you and sets up the suspension accordingly, which is perfect when driving in the rugged Indian roads.

You could argue to say this car is as refined as the Rolls Royce; featuring the thicker double glazing, better door sills, aerodynamics and new grille, giving you an overall Lorinser feel to the car. It also features the new dropping line which slops down to the rear fender, complimenting the exhaust outlets and the LED lightings, making the S500 eye candy to look at.

If I had to pick out some flaws, the ride comfort occasionally feels a bit uncomfortable due to its heavy alloy wheels whilst driving over uneven surfaces. Secondly, the engine isn’t really suited for a sports car setting, but more for a day-to-day luxury automotive with it’s deluxe steering. The market value of the car might be a steep estimate at 1.20 crores however, it’s still cheaper and more affordable compared to the BMW 7 Series M Sport and Audi A8 L60 TDI both valued over 1.5 crores.

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