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Hamann Motorsport Races To India

AJ Performance India expand their horizons, joining German car tuning specialists Hamann in an exciting new venture this summer.

Today starts a new chapter in AJ Performance’s history, teaming up alongside car manufacturing giants Hamann Motorsport, adding to  current International partners Lorinser, ABT & Quicksilver.

Hamann is a well known automotive car tuning company based in Lauphiem, Germany that provide premium & exclusive high performance tuning, and design remarkable interior for all BMW models from the 1 to the 7 Series. The prestigious list of cars includes- Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls Royse, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Bentley and endless others they receive in their showroom.

BMW M6 F13 Coupe: Tuning, Performance Power & Widebody

Alex Johnson, Managing Director and founder of AJ Performance, expressed how pleased he was with the alliance and talks about the potential cars set to come in, the brand image, and the future plans for AJP India and Hamann Motorsport.

“ I think it’s a good partnership that we’re looking forward to very much. There’s a lot of new ways of supplying cars, through the Hamann dealership and network as opposed to other companies we deal with in Germany. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully it’s one that prospers and together creates good sales and income for both our businesses. ”

“ The partnership will certainly help us with regards to our image in India; for Hamann’s case as well, they know we’re able to achieve certain numbers and sales figures, of course it’s a mutual understanding between us both. On the whole, I really feel Hamann coming in as partner with AJ Performance will definitely contribute in a solid manner with regards to sales and image in both our companies. said Johnson. ”

In terms of potential cars set to be brought in at the workshop and showroom, AJP are targeting the supercars with the main seller being the Lamborghini Aventador, and will be looking intently at other cars like the Rolls Royce Wraith, BMW M4, Porsche Macan and various others coming in for tuning & servicing.

Johnson added:  “ At the moment we are looking at predominantly new cars and the concept is pretty simple. We will offer the Indian customers the opportunity to purchase a car directly from Hamann, which will mean it will be kitted out and completely customised by the customer, for the customer, targeting niche cliental. ”

Operations Director, Kaizaad Parekh, also stated about the new partnership and how AJ Performance could spread Hamann’s product around India.

“ We’re extremely pleased to tie up with Hamann, this would open a few avenues for AJ Performance to offer another great brand to the Indian customers. Hamann having the status it does in the tuning industry only adds to our long list of recognized brands in India. Not having a specialised tuner for BMW was indeed a setback in my opinion. But with Hamann now in the picture, it is no longer the case.”

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