About ATA Carnet

ATA Carnet is a facility that allows for the temporary import of cars into a country for a specified time frame without bearing the cost of import duties and heavy local government taxes. Depending on your country of origin and circumstances, rules vary. Due to the movement of vehicles to and from each country there are a number of strict requirements and rules in place for individuals and companies looking to avail this service.

There are over 87 Countries that accept Carnet as a legal document and importing procedure, to know more about this service and where we can assist you please contact us with your specific requirements.

AJ Performance can assist customers with sourcing, documentation completion and support document handling, whilst arranging for an entire logistics and clearing solution for a door to door service.

A Carnet or ATA Carnet (pronounced car-nay) is an international customs and temporary export-import document. It is used to clear customs in 87 countries and territories without paying duties and import taxes on merchandise that will be re-exported within 12 months*. Carnets are also known as Merchandise Passports or Passports for Goods.

Please be advised that, as of November 10, 2017, the security deposit amount required for U.S. – issued ATA Carnets going to India has been raised to 55% of the value. All ATA Carnets issued by Carnets to India will be issued with a Carnet bond set at 55% of the value of the goods or the invoice value whichever is higher.
  • New Delhi (National Capital Territory of Delhi – North India)
  • Mumbai (Maharashtra – West India)
  • Chennai (Tamil Nadu – South India)
  • Kolkata (West Bengal – East India)
  • Cochin (Kerala – South India)
  • Bangalore (Karnataka – South India)
  • Dadri -Noida – ICD (Uttar Pradesh – North India)
  • Hyderabad – ICD (Andhra Pradesh – South India)
  • Goa Airport – ICD (South India)
  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat – West India)

FICCI (the Indian ATA Carnet National Guaranteeing Association)
12 months from the time your vehicle docks, rarely do customs authorities of India allow for an extension of 12 months, unless of course an emergency or unforeseeable circumstance occurs, written consent must be taken and may lead to the surrender of your deposit of a fine should your car remain on India soil over the stipulated time frame.



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