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AJ Performance India expand their horizons, joining German car tuning specialists Hamann in an exciting new venture this summer.

Today starts a new chapter in AJ Performance’s history, teaming up alongside car manufacturing giants Hamann Motorsport, adding to  current International partners Lorinser, ABT & Quicksilver.

Hamann is a well known automotive car tuning company based in Lauphiem, Germany that provide premium & exclusive high performance tuning, and design remarkable interior for all BMW models from the 1 to the 7 Series. The prestigious list of cars includes- Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls Royse, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Bentley and endless others they receive in their showroom.

BMW M6 F13 Coupe: Tuning, Performance Power & Widebody

Alex Johnson, Managing Director and founder of AJ Performance, expressed how pleased he was with the alliance and talks about the potential cars set to [...]

Lorinser India Take The Mercedes S500 For A Spin With Their Newly Installed Body Kit.


Lorinser India unleashed the full potential of the 2014 Mercedes S500, modifying the whole body and exhaust of the S-Class. Witness the swift performance, smooth drive and beauty of this luxury saloon, including lush interior and advanced multimedia technology.

The S-500 showcases a unique German breed of engineering with its many innovative features. Not only is it remarkable for safety but it’s also designed for supreme luxury; every aspect of the interior can be customised, personalised and adjusted to suit your every mood. Whilst driving, there’s hardly a whisper of sound from the twin-turbo V8 engine, although not as fast as the Mercedes S63 AMG, it does enough to make a lasting impression doing 0-60 in 4.8s and creates that overall [...]

AJ Performance reviews the new and rejuvenated Aston Martin Rapide S, with its new looks, interior and revamped V12 engine.

Here it is, the elegant, fast and agile Aston Martin Rapide S, combining sensational car performance, unique design and serene refinement. Known as a grand tourer/sports saloon, the Rapide S is the most powerful four door car produced at Aston Martin, designed inch by inch to satisfy any sports car enthusiast.

Its two split personalities take you from a smooth and comfortable drive, to a growling and ferocious one with the click of button, showing its unrelenting thrust and awesome power as it shoots off. Although the car isn’t as fast as the many super cars out there, you’re never going to find a four-seater car which sounds as good as the Aston Rapide S.


AJ Performance Bless The California T Around Pune Roads!

A new era for turbo Ferrari has been introduced with the elegant and sporty 2015 Ferrari California T, succeeding the old California model; featuring new interior, retractable hard-top, sheet metal, and an advanced new turbocharged powertrain.

The T boasts cutting edge technology with a 560 hp 3.9-ltr twin-turbo V-8, unleashing zero to 60mph in just 3.6 seconds. This makes the California T quick and agile whilst also extremely versatile with the 2+2 hard-top convertible, making the car better looking, luxurious and cruiser friendly.

Inside the car consists of the new sat nav and media system which includes the new Apple Car Play app. The seats and dash are a brand new design consisting of Ferrari’s trademark fragrant leather. Its light high-geared steering makes it more comfortable and easier to drive, and the overall layout of the engine [...]

AJ Performance Add Firepower Installing New Titanium QuickSilver Exhaust Systems In The Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

AJ Performance India experienced endless thrill, test driving the Bentley Continental GTC around the Indian roads and circuit. The addition of the ground-breaking and supreme QuickSilver Exhaust Systems was installed in the grand tourer to increase performance and durability of the car. Already with the Continental’s fast, refined and innovative features, it was fueled for a pace driven ride.

Managing Director, Alex Johnson, was the first to unleash its mind boggling potential and gave his thoughts on the car and the addition of the QuickSilver Exhaust to the engine.

“It’s a precise car – but set up to ensure her occupants reach there destination in peace and comfort. But if need be, give her the beans and she’s no slouch! Exteriors have such lovely shoulder lines that really give the GTC stance and presence on the road. The interiors [...]

Meet The Luxurious & Newest 2016 Mercedes S63 AMG, Test Driven & Serviced At AJ Performance!!

The Mercedes S63 AMG with all its class, sophistication and craftsmanship, shows an exemplary form of art and automotive genius to come out of Mercedes this calendar year. Its searing performance and dynamic ability enhanced by the AMG additions, makes for a perfect and luxurious car to drive.

The S63 packs a 5.5ltr Bi-turbo V8 Engine, unleashing a ripping 577 horsepower and does 0-60 in a rapid 3.9 seconds; which is all made possible by the AMG SpeedShift MCT (multi-clutch technology). Compared to the  all new Mercedes S65 AMG, it performs just as well, delivering pulsating and powerful performance from the growling exhaust and effortless gear response.

“The manner in which this powerful V8 delivers its power on the road, [...]

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