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The key to success is understanding yourself and your potential. Having pride and passion in what you want to achieve is vital to a successful and a happily run enterprise. It’s important to understand that although having passion is a must; it can sometimes lead to over-confidence and in-turn hasty decision-making.

At AJ Auto Consultancy, we work with you to drive your passion and desires in the right direction. Offering you our international experience and knowledge of the automotive industry. We are here to help set your vision into a reality, and of course lend our advice and helping hand wherever you may need it.

Based out of Pune, India. We are an ISO 1009 private limited company established for the last nine years. We operate as a complete company with all the necessary legalities and formalities in place to work alongside multinational companies, HNI clients and the government of India.

We cater to a variety of business needs and customers from across the world, offering services to those in the automobile industry looking to achieve new heights or challenges. Our communication initially is via email, details of which can be found below.

We offer a variety of tailor made consultancy solutions depending on our customer requirements. We drive ourselves to be a hard Working and committed organization. We are always available for questions and to answer any queries your may have.

Office: 163 Bizz Bay Mall, First Floor NIBM-Undri Road, Undri, Pune – 411048, India
Phone: +91 20 41211404
Email: [email protected]


We offer a number of tailor made plans to customers looking for specific requirements that may not be mentioned below, plea. Write to us in case of any doubts about whether or not we offer services to meet your requirements.

  • Establishing New Business Ventures
  • Sourcing and Procuring Parts & Machinery
  • Trading Solutions & Advise
  • Local & Foreign Investment Opportunities
  • Franchise Development & Planning
  • Networking Solutions
  • Business Writing/Reading Solutions
    • Correspondence Letters
    • Business Plans – Banking/Personal
    • Proposals & Reports
    • Invoices & Billing
  • Fund Raising & Event Management
  • Importing/Exporting Advise & Guidance
  • Tutorial of Working in India 11. New, Used & Vintage Car Importing & Purchasing (In-House Showroom)
  • Luxury Car Maintenance & Repairs (In-House Workshop)
  • General Advice From Across The Automotive World /Operations

Our business and services focus on enhancing both international and domestic customers in India looking to expand either into new ventures and/or established businesses seeking investment opportunities, partnerships and professional advice with incorporating businesses in India.

We focus predominately on automotive companies looking to set-up in India. Mainly spare parts manufacture that supply car and bike material (OE & Aftermarket) We also work closely with specialized customization companies that offer niche products to high end customers and cars, setting up channels and linking buyer and seller with the right people.

A major part of our business consists of formally setting up high end brands in India for wealthy business owners and customers looking to venture into the automotive world.



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