The brand AJ was first formally incorporated under the trading name AJ Auto in England during the month of September 2007 by a young entrepreneur Mr. Alexander Johnson. AJA was set up to act as a consultancy based exporter for new and used cars to be sold to customers predominantly in India and Thailand.

Alex spent most of his life traveling and working in India and Thailand, acknowledging the lack of high end motorcars and services in these respective countries. He set about creating a nest that would later prove to be the best decision he’s made till date.

AJA was set to up to bridge the gap for honest and reliable sales of motorcars from a British source and company with a complete door to door service solution for customers wanting a hassle-free service in India and Thailand. Over the years to come, AJ Auto successfully imported sixteen cars to individuals and dealers across these two countries, earning a name for the team and business.

In late 2009, the industry took a turn for the worst with regards to importing regulations in India. Many dealers and individuals importing cars without the correct documents and illegal invoicing practice hampered the industry and buying trends. Eventually leading to a clamp down from Indian authorities. By 2010, seeing a few manufactures like Mercedes already in India for a number of years, competition started to pour in and set about new buying trend for all those in the country.

The moment had arrived. Adapt or Perish.


The Beginning of 2010 set about profound reforms and changes to AJ Auto. Starting with the expansion of their office into India to meet the requirements of many having difficulty sourcing parts for their cars. AJ Auto set-up their second base in Pune offering the sales of imported car parts to clients and dealers alike.

Over the years building up a name and reputation amongst many across the country we found ourselves in a strong stream of consistent business with opportunities to expand and grow through many automotive fields. The first major change came about in opening an independent workshop in Pune, whilst offering consultancy services to many dealers and investors seeking investment in the automobile industry.

The second major reform took place in 2014, when AJ Auto branched out into the performance division of motorcars incorporating AJ Performance, that today handles bespoke interior detailing, kits, exhaust systems and power upgrades, it has offered a new dimension to our work and has certainly added to the spark that was needed to reach out to a new demographic of customers.

However, the largest growth factor for our business, which till today increases in demand is for car dealership development and establishment. Team AJ has dedicated a highly trained team that caters to numerous businesses with need for such a service. We assist to set-up and introduce high profiled brands and their products into India and Thailand, with prospective business now growing into Hong Kong and China.

AJ’s business practice is built on the morals that with one good deed another will follow. We are honest, dedicated and systematic in our work. We are proud and honoured to be associated with many partners and clients, who have become more of a family to us.

We look forward to meeting new people and networking wherever destiny takes us, through hard work and knowledge we strive for excellence.

Welcome to AJ Group of Companies.


Polishing Services

Our polishing and detailing department will ensure that your car stays looking fresh and protective over a long period of time. We have a number of tailored products and services to choose from, please contact us with details of your car and condition, for the best possible solution.

Car Maintenance

Our workshop facility in Pune hosts a team of highly experienced staff and management who are the backbone of our facility, hosting the latest modern-day specialized tools and scanners to complete almost any job our customers require from us.


Tunit, offers high quality specialized performance modules that enhance power and fuel economy in your car. Products are available for a wide range of automotive manufacturers. Together, we offer our commitment to customers via our international warranty schemes and local team support.


AJ Auto Pvt. Ltd is the Parent Firm of AJ Performance. The representing companies have approved all content and material used on this site. Neither AJ Performance nor AJ Auto hold rights to the content used on this website.


AJ Performance is an exclusive representative for Lorinser Sportservice whilst representing Hamann Motorsport & ABT Sportsline as dealers in India. Under no circumstances does AJ Performance or AJ Auto hold right of manufacturing in anyway. All products are offered via a warranty from the manufactures only and only sold and installed by AJ Performance in India.



All goods and products will be imported via Nava Sheva in Mumbai. AJ Auto is a licensed importer for many OEM products and various other after-market products and upon the request of customers we will import products at the buyers risk. Insurance can be taken to cover such risks. We do not guarantee nor commit to a guarantee that goods will not be damaged, or delayed / withheld during customs clearing. Customers can opt for couriering goods with there own sources upon request. AJ Auto will support customers with documents required to clear goods into India.



Any and all parts purchased from AJ Auto must be fitted in-house at our local service center. All products fitted from an outside or third part organization will void the warranty immediately.



Performance Parts.

Car Maintenance.

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