SportService Lorinser Stands for exclusive refinement and high-quality tuning of Mercedes Benz and Smart vehicles. The company, Lorinser has built a reputation during more than Thirty-five years of experience and delivers what the slogan promises: Moving Perfection!

Unlike many automotive customization businesses, Lorinser believe in using only the best material for making their parts and wheels. Taking advantage of using both fibre and carbon weaving methods while making body parts and 3-piece forged alloy wheels to ensure maximum safety and strength to cope with all road surface conditions. The Lorinser brand value is considered one of the top marques in the tuning business, with numerous tuning models, exhausts and carbon fibre parts available for customers across the globe.

Lorinser stands for ‘Perfection’ and that’s exactly the promise when buying from us.

Lorinser are in-house manufacturers of their parts, making a majority of their body and performance parts at their facility in Stuttgart, Germany. Body parts are moulded using a template and pressed in shape using automated machinery, all levels of quality are managed right from an in-house design team to a massive R&D team are always on hand to offer the best in the industry.

Lorinser uses material made from carbon, fibre, strong plastics and carbon fiber depending on what they are manufacturing. Backed with an international warranty and extremely generous warranty policies, all customers can be rest assured that the brand and products are of the highest standards and commitment.

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